The first rule of all intelligent tinkering is to keep all the parts.

It’s about time we checked back in with Bob don’t you think?

Today’s comic goes back slightly in time, dealing with what happens to Bob after our hero is removed from the equation. This is my attempt to weave the main storylines together in some sort of complete package.

By the time this comic actually goes live we hope to be members of The Disney Vacation Club. Now maybe some folks out there aren’t big fans of Disney, but they also may never have been to WDW. I must say I am not always a huge fan of their movies, but the style that they have achieved is pretty amazing. I think out of all the characters, my favorite would be Stitch, there is just something so interesting about the way the character is designed. is the person that is responsible for that look. His art style is simply amazing, the line work is really smooth. He did a webcomic for awhile that was fun and beautifully drawn, but alas he is another one that has left the comics field. Apparently the pay is better making movies.

I have attempted to draw my own version of Stitch, putting my own unique spin on it. Which seemingly involves making him less cute and cuddly and more like he wants to eat someone.

Stitch by Keith C. Smith
I may eat your heart out.

I am not entirely sure why he’s not cute and cuddly, maybe when I step back and take a look at it objectively I will see what is up with it. Maybe it’s the pointed teeth, maybe it’s his stance, who knows.

Eventually I did come up with a cute version, still it has that slightly odd style that is uniquely my own.

Finally a cute version of Stitch!!

I think it may be time to watch Lilo & Stitch soon…..



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