Tiny Tots #57: Fight!
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Got Chibi Contest

Rules and the boring stuff

  • You must share the contest promo image that contains the current Tiny Tots comic strip.
  • Sharing AND commenting increase your chance of winning.
  • The contest ends each week ¬†on Saturday at noon. (For the duration of the contest.)
  • Winners can gift their win to any individual of their choice.*
  • We can not draw copywritten characters ie Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Deadpool etc.

Thanks for reading these rules and they are subject to change week to week as we learn more about running contests.


*We reserve the right to refuse to draw anyone or anything we find offensive.


Tiny Tots on Webtoons

Getting ready for the exciting relaunch of Tiny Tots which is now a mere two weeks away!! I’ve decided to give WebToons a shot since they have better integration with Patreon and more importantly they support landscape format so I don’t need to redo all my strips. Please go ahead and give it a look, and keep an eye for new strips on the February 27th!!

Tiny Tots!