Eventually our hero will get a band-aid…

I think it might be time to reflect on the art style of the last several strips. You may have noticed I have been experimenting slightly with the layout, size and overall look of the comic. I think I have settled into a comfy place for now, so hopefully the experimentation is over. But it has caused me to revisit some of the earlier comic in the series just to get an idea of how much things have changed. And because I know you want to see some side by side comparisons here you go.

A random sampling of comics:

This the very first comic in this series. As you can see it started out in Black and White, it was also drawn on paper and not digitally.This is the first in the series with color and it seems fitting that it would star my “Secret Girlfriend” Cassie.


This next comic contains some of my trademark violence, you know the kind that is somewhat bloody but not too gory.

I will be adding more of these in a while.