A Webcomic Review!

Have you ever just stumbled upon a comic that sucked you right in?

Well that is what happened when I started reading “Phineus: Magician for Hire” I could go on about the story and how interesting it is, but honestly I think maybe you should just go and read it.

What I am going to go on about however is the art.

First off the art at the very beginning was actually pretty good, as it has progressed it has gotten even better, the line work is crisper and the figures are executed more cleanly. The layouts have improved greatly and that certainly helps the story flow better.

Let me give an example of what I am talking about. The comic pictured here is a simple 3 panel layout, but they are 3 well executed panels.

Panel 1) The reader is alerted to the danger, yet the hero remains ignorant of it. The layout in this panel is solid. The awkward angle at which it is shot adds a sense of impending doom, and the inks really add something to this panel. If I absolutely had to find fault with this panel I would say the curve in the tentacle seems a tad off but that is seriously nit-picky.

Panel 2) The classic close-up of our hero caught by surprise glancing over his shoulder. This is actually a hard thing to pull off because it has been done so many times but I think it was nailed in this panel. The direction of the eye is absolutely perfect. Once again I need to look hard to find something to be critical of, and in this case it would have to be the word balloon placement.

Panel 3) The money shot, This panel just makes the page the main action is great, the foreground is well done, Heck even the sound effect is well done. This is a good example of an artist that understands that a simple background can be used effectively in an action shot. There is no need for a million pipes running along the walls and ceiling all that would create is visual clutter, here we have just the right amount of detail to suggest the setting but not enough to interfere with the foreground action.

I think what draws me into the art of this comic is the fact it reminds me of early Matt Wagner, perhaps it is in the inks or the way magic is drawn but something about this comic hearkens back to Mage: The Hero Discovered for me. And in case you missed it, I am big fan of the Mage series. I think folks should definitely give this series a shot…

So what are you waiting for?

Get on over there and start reading! http://phinmagic.outlandentertainment.com/