Trolls of the Internet don’t you have a bridge to be under?



Trolls, dear god why did it have to be trolls.
So in case you have been living under a rock, there has been an uproar by comic book trolls who feel that politics need to stay the fuck out of “their” comics and have been attacking anyone who they felt despoiled their beloved comics. Naturally these attacks have mostly been against women, because these folks seem to think they are easier targets. So just to show some support for the latest person to suffer the wrath of these people, I drew this little piece show the girls of the Tots dealing with trolls.

If you want to see what inspired this piece go here;

The more we let things like this continue, the more it hurts the growth of comics. Comics have come so far in welcoming diversity in it’s readership (if not in it’s creators). Trolls that lashes out at creators because they feel that the creator wrecked their favorite character are nothing new, but it seems that with the internet it has gotten far worse and significantly uglier. It’s not ok to lash out and threaten other people just because you are sitting safely behind a keyboard. Most of the people doing this would not exhibit the same behavior if they were in a public place so why do it online? Comic Book fans need to step up and address this sort of behavior when they see it, and I don’t mean starting a giant flame war, they just need to let trolls know that ¬†sort of behavior is not acceptable.


Clip Studio Paint EX thoughts

I have been using Clip Studio Paint EX for about a week now, though I had been using Manga Studio for about 5 years before that. I have been concentrating on what I consider to be the most interesting new feature of the program,  the ability to do animation.
You read that right, animation!
Now for those of you that know me, you know I am incredibly fascinated in seeing the Tiny Tots animated. You also may have seen several attempts at animation, most of which were not awesome. Up until this point I had never found an animation program that I enjoyed drawing in, that has changed with Clip Studio Paint. I have always loved drawing in Manga Studio and Clip Studio Paint keeps all those things I love and gives me the ability to animate.
Now don’t get me wrong animating anything is still slow and tedious work, there are no shortcuts in Clip Studio Paint you have to draw each and every frame. It’s much more like animation was in the old days when you drew each cell. But that is what I like about it, I can grasp the concept of redrawing something in an every so slightly different position easier than I can move a bunch of “bones” to move a character.

I am still just barely ankle deep into this program but I am loving it so far.

My progress so far