How it's Made

Take a look at this video to see the comic drawn in real time.

The comics are all drawn with Sketchbook Pro using a Wacom Intuos 4 small tablet

Each comic starts out about 4 times larger than you see it displayed on the site.

I draw all the comics out in a sketchbook first and I am generally about 8-10 strips ahead of what the current strip. This is the sketchbook I use:

It is a landscape format sketchbook which makes drawing the panels easier. Though I must say it makes FINDING the sketchbook a bit harder.

Now comes the step by step guide of how I create my webcomic:

  • Once I have the sketches worked out I open Sketchbook Pro (seen below) and start the rough pencils.


  • These are the VERY rough pencils that I start out with. As you can see they are not much more than stick figures at this stage. I am using a blue pencil size 5.0 to sketch with.


  • Now it’s time to start refining the roughs, I am still using the same size pencil that I used for the roughs I am just tighten up the lines.


  • I do the pencils for each panel before moving onto the inks, some folks compare the “inking” stage to tracing, but for me it is so much more than that.


If you want to see more of the comic making progress, take a look at my ustream channel:

I have also been experimenting with laying out some the panel layouts in Sketchbook Mobile. It works pretty well for getting a rough idea of what is supposed to be happening in the panels,but I have not become proficient enough with it yet to dump the whole paper sketchbook concept. That and the fact that it is nice to be able to draw and not worry about power considerations. 🙂

This is one of the layouts I have done with Sketchbook Mobile (Pardon the sideways orientation) it is not quite up to my normal standards for layout so you can see why I still rely on the tried and true method.