Is it time to reintroduce the idea of webcomic collectives?

Recently Facebook has significantly reduced the amount of views that fan pages are getting, in order to get more users to “boost” their pages. I’ve asked around a tad and certainly boosting a post does get more eyeballs on that particular post, but it only works on a post by post basis so if you were to boost every update to your comic it might end up costing you a pretty penny. Now mind you this only reaches people who are already fans of your work. In order to reach folks who are not already fans of your work (via Facebook) you need to start advertising your comic, which in turn will cost you more money. You may in fact gain some new readers by doing so, but in order to retain these readers you are once again back to boosting your posts. For those comic artists without much of an advertising budget this means Facebook is no longer the best place to showcase your work.

But what if it could be, what if the old concept of a webcomic collective could be adapted to work on Facebook? Say you had a group of comic creators that pooled their resources to create a collective Facebook presence. They could each be responsible for a certain dollar amount of advertising, both regular advertising and/or boosting, that would make the financial burden much less for each creator. Plus they would benefit from exposure to the other creators fans. Obviously you would want to limit the amount of members of the collective, say between 6+12, that way each creator gets a decent amount of exposure. For this type of venture bigger isn’t really better.
You would also want to make sure all of your fellow creators were on the same page as you, it would probably be a bad fit if 5 of the 6 creators did kid friendly comics and one of them drew a porn comic.

A while back I declared the collective dead, but like the zombie, has it’s time returned?

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