That that is is that that is not is not.

Well, it’s not much of a comic today but it will have to do. I have spent all day today working on getting the site up and running correctly so this is all I have for you.



18 Replies to “That that is is that that is not is not.”

  1. So, you have entered the webcomic war. How very foolish of you to challenge us! Epic Fail will win, it is inevitable, the universe’s natural state is chaos. Our plans will merely speed up the process. Surrender or prepare to be annihilated! Epic Fail will rule supreme! Muahahahahahahaha!

    1. My goal is simple in any war… to cause as much chaos as humanly possible, to upset the carefully laid plans of my foes and if I die doing so… well so be it!

  2. Karmic Debt shall be forever indebted to Wayward Fall!!! For it is WE that shall reign supreme! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

    We shall cast you into the flames of burning debris left in our wake, as you are forced asunder, no longer able to withstand the immense superiority with which we vanquish our foes!!

    YOU ARE NOT PREPAAARREED!!! >=D *cackles maniacally*

    1. ahhhh yet another who feels their words speak more than their actions. “Talking ain’t doin'” to quote Zoe, so stop your talking and start doing!

  3. What is it with the undead that makes them believe that they are superior?

    Wayward fall, just like the rest of you will realise the futility of standing against the destruction and chaos that only truly Feral races can generate.

    1. Do you really think you stand a chance against the might that is Karmic Debt? Perhaps if you take out Epic Fail first I shall let you live a bit longer.

  4. You shall all perish! None can withstand BLAH BLAH BLAH etc.

    Anyway, do you remember a while back you said it was okay to use your characters in a cameo scene of my webcomic, Epic Fail. Well I finally finished it (!) and you can see your main character (can’t remember his name! If you could tell me that would be useful) in the crowd here:

    Feel free to use the image and wallpaper on your own site or as you wish!

    Also, Iā€™m getting my first 30 pages made up into a printed comic book. Can I include your cameo in this (you will get given credit)?

    1. Yes, in fact we shall all perish… if only out of sheer boredom from your diatribes. Maybe that is your plan.

      And thanks for including my main character who has the very original name of Keith. And of course you can use him in a print version.

  5. I have seen Keith in times of War, and so you all know, he is a fierce competitor, taking out little kids and the elderly… it’s truly a sight to see!

    You all should cower and kneel in his presence!

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