Getting there is only half as far as getting there and back.

So here we are on week 3…

there is not a whole lot really to say about this weeks comic, other than it is a comic.

I did however consider making this another one of my world famous wordless comics, but at the last moment I decided to add the words in the second panel. What with last weeks fairly substantial lack of dialogue I thought perhaps the inclusion of at least a little bit of self-dialogue might be in order.

Also this is almost a return to the triptych style of storytelling that I have employed to varying degrees of success, I happen to like it as a means of storytelling even if I am not always as accomplished at it as I would hope.  Some might argue that in some sense that the triptych format is not well suited to comics, I clearly feel differently, and for anyone who disagrees with me….

Well, perhaps you need to be introduced to Happy.

Will Eisner, who established the term sequenti...
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Or go back and read some books by these guys….

Scott McCloud, whose work Understanding Comics...
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On that note, I shall leave you till next time.

Huh, it seems there was more to say about this weeks comic other than that it was a comic.



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    1. Well, it certainly has been said that when you mix a little bit of fun with a little bit of pain the fun factor increases exponentially.

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