Depart not from the path which fate has assigned you.

Well, I think I have nailed down my issues with Manga  Studio, in theory at least. I was having trouble with the page size for some weird reason, possibly because I don’t use a standard size for my comic… but I believe that should be resolved now.



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  1. I like the fresh, clean look you’re getting with Manga Studio. Serious storyline, crisp colorful art. Will Keith ever make it back home? Poor guy’s been bleeding out for days!

    1. Hey Mark,
      Manga Studio is working out pretty darn well for me so far. I absolutely love all the brushes, and the word balloons are pretty nice too.

      As for what may befall Keith… well all I can say is, in the end everything works out.

      Of course when I say the end I mean several lifetimes down the road.

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