Bozo is the Brotherhood of Zips and Others. Bozos are people who band together for fun and profit. They have no jobs. Anybody who goes on a tour is a Bozo. Why does a Bozo cross the street? Because there’s a Bozo on the other side. It comes from the phrase vos otros, meaning others. They’re the huge, fat, middle waist. The archetype is an Irish drunk clown with red hair and nose, and pale skin. Fields, William Bendix. Everybody tends to drift toward Bozoness. It has Oz in it. They mean well. They’re straight-looking except they’ve got inflatable shoes. They like their comforts. The Bozos have learned to enjoy their free time, which is all the time.

I drew this comic first in Sketchbook Pro but I didn’t finish it entirely, then I started using Manga Studio and sort of forgot that I had not finished this comic… oppps.

So I went back and finished this up in Manga Studio, it was odd redoing a comic after I had mostly finished it. I am not usually one for going back and changing things I have done, but in this case since it wasn’t finished I don’t feel so bad.



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